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How and why

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The Challenge

CO2-neutral transport solutions are imperative in today's world. They continue to be an expensive alternative to conventional services.

The idea

The financial contributions made by the association's partners are intended to compensate for the additional costs and therefore to leverage the use of sustainable technologies and concepts.


Individuals and organizations with a strong sense of responsibility are cordially invited to become partners of the Galliker Green Logistics supporting association.

The Green Logistics fund

Join the Galliker Green Logistics supporting association. For every contribution received, Galliker doubles the amount and then pays it into the fund.

Promoting clean technologies

Galliker’s supporting association uses the funds accumulated to support CO2-neutral logistics services provided by companies belonging to the Galliker Group. This enables new, clean electric, hydrogen or other sustainable vehicles and technologies to enter the market faster.

Saving CO2 

Every new CO2-neutral truck replaces a conventional diesel vehicle, thus saving 100% of the latter’s CO2 emissions.

Promoting Green Logistics 

Owing to their commitment, the supporting association’s partners contribute to reducing harmful CO2 emissions in a direct, verifiable and sustainable way.

The idea and our promise

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On the road since 20 October 2020 – Galliker’s first hydrogen truck

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Green Logistics by Galliker has given us a new, meaningful dimension to "beyond logistics". Today, we are fully convinced that our transport and logistics activities should be more environmentally friendly and that we should continuously reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy. Respectful, sustainable treatment of nature and the environment is already enormously important to us today.

This gave rise to the idea of the Galliker Green Logistics support association. Together with sustainably-minded, convinced partners, it is our great goal to one day be CO2-neutral on the road for our customers.

Becoming a partner

The Green Logistics fund

We compiled binding articles of association for the supporting association and its fund. Strict compliance with these articles is paramount. The designated use of the funds is supervised by an independent controller and can be viewed at any time.

The benefit for partners

A personal declaration certifies the reduction of CO2 emissions achieved owing to the partner’s support in a given year.


The Galliker Green Logistics website lists the names of the association’s active partners and shows also a live ticker with the amount of CO2 reductions achieved as a result of combined forces.

How to become a partner

Becoming a partner of Galliker Green Logistics involves making an individual contribution to the fund. Galliker looks forward to talking to you and assisting you with any questions you may have.

Galliker Green Logistics Supporting Association

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