Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

15 January 2021

Watt d’Or award for hydrogen ecosystem

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy presents the renowned Swiss energy award Watt d’Or 2021 in the “Energy-efficient mobility” category to the hydrogen ecosystem for emission-free mobility.

As founding member of the H2 Mobility Switzerland association www.h2mobilitaet.ch, Galliker is among those honored. Together with Hydrospider www.hydrospider.ch and Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility www.hyundai-hm.com, the association is establishing a unique hydrogen ecosystem for emission-free mobility throughout Europe. By 2025, 1,600 Hyundai fuel cell electric commercial vehicles will be driving on Swiss roads. By promoting an emission-free hydrogen cycle, this private sector-led initiative contributes significantly to the decarbonization of heavy goods vehicles. In fact, green hydrogen is produced using electricity generated from renewables (water, solar, wind) and is therefore completely climate-friendly. The result is a strong reduction of the greenhouse emissions caused by heavy goods vehicles. A fuel cell electric commercial vehicle covering an annual distance of around 80,000 km saves 70–75 tons CO2 per year.



At the beginning of October 2020, the first XCIENT Fuel Cell Trucks by Hyundai were delivered to members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland association. Hydrogen filling stations were opened in Hunzenschwil, St. Gallen and Zofingen; five more are currently being planned or will be operational soon.

The aim of the association is to establish a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland. Currently, the association counts among its members 14 transport companies alongside the energy companies involved. The hydrogen ecosystem for emission-free mobility will be further extended and autonomously operated in mutual symbiosis and without governmental support.