Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

25 October 2020

Swiss Solar Prize for sustainable building design

For the second time since 2017, a Galliker building has won the Swiss Solar Prize. The prize was awarded to the solar system installed on the rooftop of the Car House in Altishofen, with an output of 1.97 megawatts.

The solar system’s output amounts to 164% of the building’s energy demand, i.e. over twice as much as it needs. The excess electricity would allow 485 electric cars to cover 12,000 kilometers per year each. Galliker feeds the excess electricity into the public grid.

The Car House serves as a warehouse for new passenger cars that are intended for the Swiss market and that Galliker stores temporarily on behalf of its clients before they are delivered to the end customers. As the number of passenger cars with alternative engines is steadily increasing in Switzerland, a large part of the parking spaces are equipped with charging stations for electric cars.

The Swiss Solar Prize has been awarded for 30 years. Galliker is awarded the Swiss Solar Prize in the B category (Plus Energy Buildings) in recognition of its solar system. According to the jury of the Swiss Solar Agency, the project is a «a perfect example of climate protection with a CO2-free energy supply for the building and the transport sector».


Another Galliker building, the Car Terminal in Altishofen, received an award already in 2017. The 4,000 sqm photovoltaic surface produces 0.528 gigawatt hours electricity per year. Solar systems have been part of Galliker’s concept for new buildings for the past 10 years.