Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

29 October 2021

Swiss premiere: First fully electrically powered refrigerated trailer

In mid-November 2021, the first refrigerated trailer with a fully electrically powered refrigeration unit will go into operation at Galliker in Switzerland thanks to the innovative and cooperative partnership with Carrier Transicold. The system uses an axle generator installed on the trailer to convert kinetic energy into electrical power, which is stored in a battery pack and supplies the refrigeration unit with energy. While the refrigeration unit is running on battery power, an energy management system monitors the battery charge. If it falls below a certain level, the system causes the generator to recharge the battery to ensure full cooling capacity at all times. Thanks to the battery pack, independent operation of the cooling system is guaranteed even when the trailer is stationary.

The eCool system can also be connected to the mains when the trailer is parked. For a full charge, the recharge time of the batteries is less than four hours.

The fully electric and sustainable refrigerated trailer is driven around Switzerland by Futuricum's fully electric tractor unit. The entire vehicle is thus completely CO2-free in operation!