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29. Juni 2021

Galliker relies on Green Diesel HVO

From June 2021, Galliker will start a test project with the use of Green Diesel HVO as an admixture to fossil diesel.

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) is a synthetic fuel. HVO can be produced from various sources such as waste oil or herbal oils. The use of these energy sources has a major impact on overall greenhouse gas savings. Compared to fossil diesel, a CO2 reduction of 80-90% is achieved.

The 100,000 litres of Green Diesel HVO used during the test phase alone will save at least 210,400 kg of CO2 emissions. If the test phase is successful, the use of HVO diesel in our company is to be extended to a much larger scale.The advantages of using HVO diesel at a glance:

  • Significantly reduces NOx and particulate matter emissions during combustion.
  • Reduces CO2, HC, PAH, aldehyde and mutation-inducing emissions
  • Reduces particulate emissions of all sizes, including nanoparticles
  • Reduces smoke emissions during cold starts and winter conditions
  • Effects are already clearly visible at mixing ratios of 10 to 30%.
  • Ash-free combustion ensures a long service life for fine dust filters