Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

25 September 2020

Galliker Green Logistics Day

On Tuesday 8 September 2020, on the occasion of the first Galliker Green Logistics Day, Galliker spoke to an interested audience about its alternative transport and logistics solutions and its plans for a sustainable future.

Visitors could take a look, among other things, at the first series-produced electric truck, a Volvo FL Electric and the Hyundai H2 XCIENT, the new star of the fleet, the truck with electric-hydrogen engine.

Galliker prepared for this occasion by reformulating its values and goals in order to actively contribute to reducing the negative effects on the environment.

These binding goals include:

  • all buildings are equipped exclusively with LED lighting systems by 2021
  • all diesel trucks meet the highest emission standard (EURO 6) by 2022
  • at least 30 vehicles with alternative engines are in use by end 2022
  • as from 2030, city centers (City Logistics) are provided with 100% CO2-neutral transports
  • and more

All endeavors undertaken within the Galliker Green Logistics concept are published transparently on a website.

The QR code take visitors directly to Galliker’s up-to-date facts & figures on this highly important subject area.

The Galliker Green Logistics Day offered the opportunity to discuss the many concepts and systems already in use. Galliker has been relying for years on Green Logistics. Road-rail combination was introduced already back in 1995. The delivery of goods through our network of distributed branches allows us to bundle the flow of goods more efficiently. The result is less trips and therefore a significant reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, in the past ten years, Galliker has installed photovoltaic systems on the roofs of all of its new buildings, producing enough electricity for the equivalent of 1860 single-family homes.

The great interest in Green Logistics clearly showed that sustainability affects us all and that its dynamics are developing rapidly. Galliker understands the importance of Green Logistics and from now on wants to participate even more in what it considers to be the right direction.