Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

20 August 2021

Electric on the road in Bodycare Logistics

For many years, Estée Lauder has been one of our most important customers in the field of bodycare logistics. We transport temperature-sensitive care and beauty products as well as perfume from A to B on a daily basis. Estée Lauder not only relies on the highest quality, but also attaches great importance to an environmentally friendly supply chain.

For more than six months, Galliker has been using an all-electric truck exclusively for Estée Lauder's factory transport in Lachen. The positive experiences with the noise-free and emission-free vehicle have led to a second electric truck being put into operation to replace a diesel-powered truck for factory transport. The electric truck is not only appreciated by the neighbouring companies and residents, but also by the drivers.

The noise and vibrations in the driver's cab are significantly lower than with diesel engines and driving is quiet and stress-free. In addition, an electric motor delivers its maximum torque right away, which makes for a smooth power delivery. The truck has a range of 250 km, making it ideal for Estée Lauder's regular and predictable factory transport.