Förderverein Galliker Green Logistics

30 January 2020

Arrival of the first mass-produced Volvo electric truck

On 30 January 2020, Galliker received its first mass produced Volvo FL Electric.

Volvo Trucks began not too long ago to mass produce its two electric truck models Volvo FL Electric and Volvo FE Electric. Other vehicles had been delivered earlier in time, but they belonged to a pilot series. On 30 January 2020, the new electric truck was delivered to Galliker in the presence of the representatives of Volvo Trucks and of the charging station manufacturer ABB.

To Galliker, this event symbolizes an important step for Green Logistics. By going electric, another milestone is set for sustainable logistics.

Driving smoothly and stress-free

Galliker’s new Volvo FL Electric has two axles and is allowed a maximum permissible weight of 16.7 tons. It is specially designed as urban delivery vehicle. Its electric motor has a maximum output of 185 kW and a continuous output of 130 kW. The charging capacity is limited to 22 kW in alternating current (AC) or to 150 kW in direct current fast charging (DC). By choosing the number of lithium-ion battery packs, customers define the battery capacity, which ranges between 100 and 300 kWh and allows for operating ranges of 100 to 300 kilometers.

Volvo’s electric trucks make life easier for drivers. There is considerably less noise and less vibrations in the driver’s cabin compared to diesel engines. Driving is smooth and stress-free. Moreover, an electric motor delivers immediate maximum torque, which enables the motor’s power to develop smoothly. This is ideal for stop-and-go driving in cities.

First impressions of the new electric Volvo truck